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Die Liste der fehlenden digitalen Modelle ist auf eine eigene Seite gewandert!



Hooking Up – Part 2

I have finally uploaded a whole new set of parts concerning the hooks and constructed them the way they are to the LDraw Parts Tracker.  The first hooks, consisting of two parts, are now really made from two separate parts.

I also modified the geometry to let them “move” through the hole in the plate. This was not possible with the initial drafts that were on the Parts Tracker for too long.


Also assemblies in their pulling and idle positions as shown in the picture below can be found on the PT with their plate number, i.e. 3176c01, 737ac01, 737bc01 and 509c01


Hooking Up – Part 1

The early trains used hooks to connect their cars. This connection method was rather short-lived.  It stayed in use only for about 2-3 years looking at Bricklink data.

Looking around what is digitally available in LDRAW we find unoffical parts x507 and x508. Now whats the difference between them? x507 is not existing alone in the real-life brick collections and consists actually out of two parts which are fused together, within a hole of a platex508 is a removable hook, to be used with a specifically designed plate, 509, available in the official library.

Becoming curious, I ordered all of the variants.

Upon examining the x507 I noticed that this one is actually available in two different versions. The earlier one with a round “fuse” pin, and the latter one with a rectangular shaped one. am currently working on those parts redoing and improving them as some of the dimensions vary between the x507 and x508.

Those hooks need to attach to a hole.

There are several options available, the 2 x 3 plate with a round end and a hole, which everybody knows, then a 2 x 4 plate with a hole, a 2 x 4 plate with a hole and a gap.

The version with the gap is again available in two flavors, once to be used with the hooks, and once with the magnets, which I touch later.

Here’s the family tree:


The Year It Started, 1966

By the end of 2016 LEGO released a 50 Year of Lego Trains commemorative set as Christmas Gift for their employees. I was lucky enough to get one through the usual auction house for acquiring such items and I will probably share some of the content here. But first let’s go back to 1966 and see what came out back then:


A Lone Set of 1974, Nothing In 1973 And A Prolific 1972

On my trip back in time I am closing in on my year of birth… For 1974 there was only one lonely set, 725, a 12V steam train with 4 wagons.


We skip 1973 as the oil-shock did not give us any further train sets, so we arrive at 1972, which is a very prolific year, only 1981 had more sets and 1969 had the same amount. Ten sets are following:

724-01-01 181-01-01

Set 181 is the set with the most carriages, never were 5 carriages reached again. Unfortunately the selection of wagons is not that great, three tipper wagons… plus the battery car.

180-01-01 171-01-01 170-01-01 161-01-01 132-01-01 131-01-01 130-01-011 128-01-01