The Year It Started, 1966

By the end of 2016 LEGO released a 50 Year of Lego Trains commemorative set as Christmas Gift for their employees. I was lucky enough to get one through the usual auction house for acquiring such items and I will probably share some of the content here. But first let’s go back to 1966 and see what came out back then:


A Lone Set of 1974, Nothing In 1973 And A Prolific 1972

On my trip back in time I am closing in on my year of birth… For 1974 there was only one lonely set, 725, a 12V steam train with 4 wagons.


We skip 1973 as the oil-shock did not give us any further train sets, so we arrive at 1972, which is a very prolific year, only 1981 had more sets and 1969 had the same amount. Ten sets are following:

724-01-01 181-01-01

Set 181 is the set with the most carriages, never were 5 carriages reached again. Unfortunately the selection of wagons is not that great, three tipper wagons… plus the battery car.

180-01-01 171-01-01 170-01-01 161-01-01 132-01-01 131-01-01 130-01-011 128-01-01

The Wayback-Machine continues, 1976 and 1975

1976 brought one 12V Train-Set, one 4,5V Train-Set and one wagon. Interesting is the on Set 726 is the way the horse on the last carriage is built. It sports not one but two, now considered illegal, techniques. Once a plate between studs and once a plate between the center tube and the wall of a plate.

726-01-01The 4,5V Train, 182, is missing the LSYNTH rope of the crane and has a brick built motor at the moment, I found the LDRAW part already and will change it.

183-01-01Finally a refrigerated car missing its stickers 147-01-01

Continuing with 1975, there are 5 sets according to the databases. One complete train set with an  Engine and a mixed configuration of passengers and freight cars, 182, two wagons that I own myself, the Shell tanker 136 and another passenger car, the 137. Crane were a thing back then, and still are, so there is the Mobile Crane and Wagon set 134, which I made as two files to test a “train generation” script. LÖast but not least a small push-loco, 133

182-01-01 136-01-01 137-01-01 134-01-01 134-02-01 133-01-01

10205 – My Own Train

I posted the other engines and tender of this mini-series some time ago, still missing their stickers.

Now I have added the 10205 as well and started with the stickers. The simple, visible, ones are done, the pipe-work is under construction as is the interior sticker with the gauges etc.


Interestingly there are stickers on the sheet which are not used in the model, at least I could not find instructions that show them. So here’s the sheet till now, all are available at the LDRAW Part Tracker and shall be released with the next wave somewhere later in August.

Stickersheet_102051 Test-102053